Identifying Bank Manipulation – Forex Day Trading Strategy

Forex Trading Strategies
Forex Bank Trading Strategy:

This forex training video walks through the confirming entry. The confirming entry has been a powerful tool we have used for years and continues to stand the test of time. Overall the best way to identify what the banks are doing is to wait for the market to reach our pre-selected ‘high probability points’ and see if the stops are then taken. If we see the manipulation around these points, we have an excellent indication of when the banks may be entering the forex market, and thus we can trade accordingly.

The confirming entry is one of the tools that we use to validate the entry or invalidate it. In general, there is a compromise between forex trading strategies that take a great deal of time to confirm vs. those that confirm quickly. Each tends to have its own weakness, but this is where the confirming day trading entry strategy shines. Overall it tends to produce a trade signal fast enough to not miss many trades, while not so fast that it produces many false trading entry signals. I hope this video helps….happy trading!


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