UK Trade Secretary Liz Truss calls out China’s pernicious trade misbehaviour


Local media here in Australia (Murdoch press) on remarks from Truss on the new UK-Australia free-trade agreement 

  • “Like-minded democracies who believe in freedom, fairness and high standards in areas like food and animal welfare; together, we can stand up for rules-based trade against those who threaten to undermine it with pernicious practices like unfair subsidies” 
  • “As a newly independent trading nation once again, the UK is fully embracing like-minded ­allies such as Australia. I have great affection for your nation and admire your principled stand as a great pro-trade champion against pernicious practices from the likes of China.”

Australian PM Morrison meets with UK PM Johnson in London next week

  • they hope to sign an in-principle agreement on the trade deal

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