US trade balance for April -$69.9B vs -$69.7B estimate


US trade balance for April 2021

  • Trade balance for April 2021 $-68.9 billion versus $-68.7 billion estimate.  Down $-6.1 billion from $75 billion in March
  • Prior month $-74.4 billion revised two $75 billion
  • Exports +1.1% to $205 billion. Up $2.3 billion from March
  • Imports -1.4% to $273.9 billion. Down $-3.8 billion from March
  • China goods deficit -$32.4 billion a decrease of $-7.1 billion. Exports increased $1 billion to $13.1 billion and imports decreased $6 billion to $45.5 billion
  • good deficit decreased $-6.2 billion to $86.7 billion
  • service surplus increase $0.1 billion to $17.8 billion
  • Year to date, the goods and services deficit increased $94.5 billion or 50.5% from the same period  in 2020. Last year the deficit was largely impacted from the coronavirus lockdown
  • YoY goods and services deficit increased $94.5 billion with exports increasing $42 billion or 5.6% and imports increasing $136.4 billion or 14.6%
  • three month moving average of the goods and services deficit increased $0.6 billion to $71.5 billion with average exports increasing $3.9 billion to $198.7 billion and average imports increasing $4.5 billion to $270.3 billion

The persistent US trade deficit is always negative for GDP but quarter on quarter can add or subtract depending upon and what does over the three month.. A rise in the three month average is negative all things equal. 

CLICK HERE for the full report from the Census Dept.

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