G7 on China – calls for investigation into COVID origins, calls for end of forced labour in Xinjiang


I posted earlier on the outcome of the G7 summit over the weekend:   

Reuters and Politico have posted up more on what the Group had to say about China, it does not appear that strains between China and the West will be going away any time soon:

  • The G7 committed to removing forced labour from global supply chains, a briefing document released by the United States on Sunday said, naming China’s Xinjiang region as the main source of concern. Reuters link for a little more. 
  • G-7 nations on Sunday called for a “timely, transparent, expert-led, and science-based WHO-convened” investigation into the origins of Covid-19, including in China. Politico for more. 

The Chinese Communist Party is not impressed:

  • A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in London was quoted by Reuters news agency as saying: “The days when global decisions were dictated by a small group of countries are long gone.” BBC have more here

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