How I trade the market consistently Profitable – Forex Trading Strategy

Forex Trading System
Making five- or six-figure gains per month is easier than you would expect.

I’m just trading 2 – 3 hours per day, sometimes even less, and I’m just focused on one market. I just wait for my Entry scenario, from Monday to Friday at a specific time of the day. Every day at the same time, just one market. Simplicity is the Genius thing about my Trading game that helps me to stay consistent.

You should keep it simple as a trader, to make sure you can repeat it day after day, week after week, year after year, CONSISTENT.

All you need is a 50% accuracy strategy with an average 2:1 Risk Reward Ratio. If you got this, you have an edge to compound your account like crazy. A 50% hit rate with a 2:1 RR is like a license for printing money.
And the Strategy that my Students and I are using is even better than that.

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